Commercial Real Estate

 Looking to purchase? Wouldn't it be nice to have a contractor and an agent present at the same time as you’re viewing properties? Alicia is a licensed broker as well as a general contractor. She has ample experience building and remodeling and can offer expert insight and opinions on the overall integrity of a property: she can pretty much tell you the price of almost any repair or replacement item in a structure. Whether you want to buy a retail space and convert it to an office or just want to spruce up the place, Alicia can give you quick estimates to help you determine value.


Want to sell? Aside from the ins and outs of a building, she understands marketing and economics, targeting different types of buyers through print advertisements, digital channels, and social media. At MarbleWOOD, Alicia hires professional photographers because well—that's a big part of marketing your property right. She makes certain those brilliant pictures saturate the web, ensuring your prospects know about it. Her company understands supply and demand and the nuances of what makes one property more desirable than another. She can confidently advise you on what can be done to maximize your return on your best investment: your property.