Window Shopping with Apps

Shopping for homes online is where buyers start these days. However, it can be challenging to get a good feel for the surrounding areas. Mobile apps are an excellent tool for this as they have a GPS feature embedded into the app allowing you to pull up to a house, press a button, and that houses information appear on your screen. I like to refer to these apps as excellent tools for “window shopping.”

I highly encourage my clients to use the app, drive around the area of interest and learn about these houses before setting up an appointment to see them. I can’t tell you how many times a client will make an appointment to see a home that looks perfect online, only for us to drive up to the house and them not like the location and not even want to go into the home. Save yourself and your agent a lot of time and do your due diligence! – the BEST app in my opinion. is the only site of its kind that is directly tied to our local MLS system, so it is up to date and accurate.

Zillow – probably the second most popular app. The pros are you can sometimes find FSBO listings, cons being you can also see a bunch of old sold listings. 

Trulia – recently was purchased by the Zillow Group and for the most part will be similar in function and accuracy of their parent company.

Google Earth – a fantastic app that can be used to look at large acreage properties as well as surroundings of subdivision style homes.